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celebrating live music in all forms

January 8th, 2009

How Do I Find Thee? Let Me Count The Ways... @ 09:25 pm

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OK. I need a fix.

A fix of live music. I haven't seen any since New Year's Eve. I'm suffering withdrawal. ;)

Ordinarily, I'm fortunate enough, in Colorado Springs, that finding live music that I want to see on a particular date is easy.

I'll get an email, or a MySpace comment or bulletin, from my favorite local band. "Hey! We're going to be at Favorite Local Bar on Friday and Saturday this weekend, come out and see us!" (Except my favorite local band doesn't have a date this weekend.)

Or I'll get an email, or a MySpace comment or bulletin, from my favorite local venue. "Come out and see Favorite Local Band at our place on Friday and Saturday this weekend!" (Except my favorite local venue doesn't have a band listed for this weekend.)

Failing that, I can check Pollstar.com for Colorado Springs. (Except there's nothing listed for tomorrow.)

Failing that, I can check the weekly musical listing on the website of the local independent newspaper. This is a good one and almost always pans out, since they list venues all over the city and every kind of music imaginable. There are at least eight listings for each day of the week. I look forward to Thursdays, when the list for that day through the following Wednesday comes out. (Except that there hasn't been a listing today. Dammit dammit dammit. I keep checking. And I'm so tempted to write an email to them whining about the lack of the listing, if it didn't sound so childish...)

Failing that, I can browse the websites and MySpace pages of local venues and bands, and see if anything is scheduled for tomorrow. (Which I've done, except nothing that I want to see at anyplace that I would want to see it is scheduled for tomorrow. Sigh.)

I will keep checking for the listing at the CS Independent website. I can also check the listings in the local paper, whose entertainment guide is issued on Friday (assuming it's accessible on their website, as I don't get the newspaper anymore.)

As I'm still striking out in finding some good live music to see tomorrow night, I'm throwing it open for input. How do YOU find live music in your area? Are there resources I've overlooked?

And to think that usually I have to juggle choices of a weekend... do I want to see Steele Daniels Louis and Hall at the Back East, or the Last Band on Earth at Overtime Sports Bar?

Making it worse... in looking for this weekend's activities, I saw that the Martini Shot Band, my other favorite local band, was at my favorite local venue... last weekend when I was out of town. Sigh.

Any suggestions?

(Or should I just count my blessings that this is an unusual situation for me? ;))

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Date:January 9th, 2009 08:10 am (UTC)
John is playing solo at Garage Ma Hall in Vegas on February 28th. And in Phoenix at "Live at Angels Serenity" on March 7th and at Las Alturas House Concerts in Las Cruces New Mexico on March 14th.... Don't know if that helps. I'm trying to go to the 3/14 one (as well as to visit friends in Alburquerquee and get my blue rose tattoo too)....

Date:January 9th, 2009 01:32 pm (UTC)
I think you've done everything I would!

I'm in the same boat. There's nothing in the area I'm interested in seeing. I have my fingers crossed that it'll pick up in the spring.


celebrating live music in all forms