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celebrating live music in all forms

May 30th, 2009

I love Leon @ 11:27 am

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I don't usually post about a gig beforehand, but this one is really exciting for me. I'm going to be seeing an artist that I've wanted to see since, oh, about 2003.

Leon Russell.

How come I haven't seen him before? Yes, Leon is often performing in Colorado... but usually up in the Denver area. Not that I'm not willing to go to Denver to see him, it's just that none of my concertgoing friends really wanted to see Leon, and the combination of having to drive to Denver and having to do it alone has always been enough to stop me from going.

But not tonight! Finally, Leon Russell will be appearing in Colorado Springs. At Stargazers Theater.

Actually, the show was originally scheduled for April 25th, but Leon had to postpone it. Which is kind of disappointing because the friends I'd planned to attend with on April 25th (and had purchased tickets for) are out of town on business and won't be able to attend. (So yes, I'm left with three paid-for tickets that I'd like to give away. But since it's in Colorado Springs, I have no qualms about going alone and will do just that.)

(And hopefully will take pictures too.)

I am really excited about seeing Leon Russell, because I consider him to be a rock pioneer. He's worked with so many people, apart from his solo work, that it will just be an honor to see him perform. And, since he's been around for nearly 50 years (circa 1962 he briefly took Paul Revere's place at the keyboards in Paul Revere and the Raiders), he's another artist that has been on my list of "see them when you can since you don't know how much longer they will continue to perform" artists.

I wish you all could be here to attend the Leon show with me!

Looking forward to seeing Leon's songs, such as "A Song For You", "Tightrope", "Lady Blue" and many others. It should be a great show with Steele Daniels Louis and Hall opening, and I love Stargazers Theater. It's a great place for a show and has good food and friendly people.
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celebrating live music in all forms